Author: Brandon Butrick |


Since its release early this year, Vine has grown to be quite a successful video sharing app, despite the porn outbreak that it experienced right of the bat. If you’re unfamiliar with Vine or Instagram, then go experiment with both and report back… Oh, I’ll wait. In the meantime, did you know that the world’s longest vine is located in the Sierra Madre in California? It’s also the worlds largest blossoming plant. Also, I made a Vine featuring a lot of vines while in Maui.

Oh hey, cool you’re back! Well now that you are an expert on these two services let me start by saying that in this point in time, Vine is way better than Instagram Video from a professional video editor’s perspective. At first, you might look at Instagram and say, “but you get 15 seconds of video, isn’t that better?”. No. It’s not. The 6 seconds of Vine has been plenty long enough to cover breaking news in Turkey, create clever cost effective ads for GE, a movie teaser for The Wolverine and whatever the hell it is that RiffRaff is doing. Then you might say, “Instagram has more users, so Vine will just be forgotten like so many other video sharing apps.” Well, I believe the user base might split, because they are very different uses. 6 second loops for quick communication, advertising, storytelling, instruction, stop motion, clouds, sunsets, babies, food and pets. 15 seconds for 15 second long photos of clouds, sunsets, babies, food, and pets. There is going to be some overlap, but that’s okay since it all ends up shared on Facebook and Twitter anyway.

I’m not saying that all of the Video Production Company San Francisco are going to be doing all of their videos on Vine, but I am saying that there is something to the shorter format that allows for efficient communication. Twitter, Vine’s owner, seemed to do just fine with the 140 character limit and I think this is the video equivalent. Banking off of the success of the animated GIF, which just recently turned 25 years old, I think Vine is app of choice if you’re looking to make some silly looping phone movies or clever advertisements. Feel free to post your favorite Vines or Instavideos below.