Author: Brandon Butrick |


If you didn’t get a chance to see the original Goldiblox commercial, before the music got replaced, then it might not have had the same impact as it did on it’s first lap around the internet. There are 3 reasons why this Goldiblox commercial is the best viral video that I’ve seen in quite a while: it reappropriated a classic Beastie Boys song, contained Rube Goldberg machines and a message that empowers young girls early in life. I might be slightly biased, because I’ve always been a Beastie Boys fan, I used to design Rube Goldberg machines in high school for fun and I have a daughter. Although, the other 9 million views suggest that I’m not alone in my thinking. The clever parody on Beastie Boys – “Girls” contains quite the opposite intent of the original. Conceptually, it’s a perfect fit for this specific messaging. A highly misogynistic song get’s reworked into a pro-girl anthem that has every intention to destroy current societal archetypes, and replace it with one that says girls are more than just princesses.

Goldiblox CEO Debbie Sterling and her husband/Creative Director, Beau Lewis, have some experience in making viral videos. Together they made a parody of SNL Digital Short “I’m on a boat” called “I want a goat” that raised over $30K for a charity that provides goats to rural Indian villages. More recently, in order to focus on Goldiblox, Lewis sold his company Seedwell, a Web Video Production San Francisco company, to Portal A.