Author: Brandon Butrick |


Once you’ve become an expert on the myriad technical issues that film making presents, all you really have to do is master the art of problem-solving, and your life will be a breeze. Think of this as the “life-skills-on-steroids” requirement; every basic human need is amplified by deadlines, budgets, and the expectation that it will look AWESOME when you put it up on the big screen.

As a director for a corporate video production company in San Francisco, one of my key job functions is saying “yes, absolutely, we’ll do that for you…”, and then making sure it happens just as I described. And the key to doing that is, you guessed it – proper planning.

Now, more often than not, the world is out to throw you a curve ball. Expect it. And remember: the devil’s in the details.

Just recently we got what seemed like a pretty standard request: go shoot some customer testimonial moments from a clients latest sales win. OK, some international borders are involved, but my passport’s current… what else do you need?

I’l spare you the details, but I’m sure feeling lucky to be on that plane tomorrow. There was a gal at the consulate who was hoping to travel on the same flight, but didn’t do her homework, and I don’t believe she’ll be traveling this week.