A Tool That Helps

Author: Brandon Butrick |


As a young person living in a vibrant city, a common question is often posed: “Where do you watch TV?” Even ten years ago the answer to that question may have simply been, “TV,” but that just isn’t the case anymore. With streaming services as a part of the daily norm, content makers have spread their fruits and labors to other platforms, looking to heighten engagement with their audience and make impressions that leave the consumer in want of more. Ads placed on Youtube, Facebook, Hulu and other platforms have the distinct advantage of being able to report statistics directly back to their creators. But let’s take a step back.

What are people looking for when they see this content? Something to skip over to go back to binge watching a show? Hopefully, the product that is being sold is actually a product that the consumer wants but just hasn’t heard of yet. As a viewer and listener to ads, my own personal experience leads me to believe that an ad should appeal to me in a way that makes sense (humorous, informational, creative) and “disrupt” my daily life with thoughts of how to make it better. And then, sometimes as a producer of video ads and marketing videos, I come across a product that actually does improve communication and life in general. But as a seasoned, slow-to-change personality I have to quantify the facts before I accept new change, and the advantages must outweigh the disadvantages.

So that I am clear, I believe traits of a good product should include the following:

– Improve quality of life
– Promote wellness and education
– Contribute positively to the human condition
– Stimulate learning and productivity

And as mentioned in the video above, the product: Grammarly, does all of these, and I’m not the only one who holds this belief. One of the constant challenges we face collectively is continuing to better ourselves once we’re out of the educational system. Why let this be the case? Grammarly is useful as a tool both as grammar checker, dictionary, thesaurus but most importantly, educator. Creating video content for Grammarly has been easy and we are thrilled with the views of this ad (and the others in its series), which at the moment stand at almost 100 million.

Check out this in-browser tool at grammarly.com, and give it a go. Like most freemium products, you can try the sample version with limited features and then pay for the fully upgraded program which runs smoothly in any text based browser window.

Until next time – ciao from the Photon team!