Interactive Creativity

Author: Brandon Butrick |


“What defines Interactive?”

As content creators at Photon, our job involves making video that sticks out by any means possible. On Sunday, August 8th, an unusual opportunity presented itself. I certainly didn’t expect to become fully immersed as a performer in an interactive theater experience involving leading a death march, playing party music and signaling the death of the main character through song.

Starting August 12 and running until September 25, a theater troop known as the “We Players” are putting on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at the Petaluma Adobe State Historic Park. They will use the entire space, which means that the actors perform scenes within the house, in the courtyard, in an open field, on the ranch nearby, and throughout the grounds. The audience moves with the actors and between scenes an original score by Charlie Burke is played by a band to influence the mood. It is spectacular and after being a direct participant as a band member, I was struck by how natural this display of theater felt and asked myself why more theater companies have yet to adopt some of these interactive methods.

What connection does this have to us at Photon? We always look to make the audience more engaged, and whenever speaking to new clients, we focus a significant portion of our time understanding the audience and strategizing on how to connect best with them. For the We Players, this meant having the audience dance along with cast members during the Capulet’s ball while the band played a roaring salsa piece. For video this means approaching the right audience, giving them content that makes sense and being honest with messaging. My experience with We Players re-enforced that with a little creativity and interactivity, the audience can be held captive by their senses. We can learn from this experience and enrich our work as video creators. Know the audience, know your message, create interactive content and tell your story.

~Matthew Ebisuzaki

Producer, Project Manager